Helicopter License for International Students


Your helicopter career starts right here

at Synergy Flight training!

In our private facility we will provide you with hands on training that will prepare you to work in today’s helicopter industry. Our instructors are knowledgeable, dedicated and experienced commercial pilots with a passion for instruction who will provide you with the tools you need to succeed. We will provide you with the skills and knowledge to step into the helicopter industry with confidence as a disciplined and safety conscious helicopter pilot.

Synergy Flight Training ensures all Students are treated fairly and equally and is committed to fair and equal treatment of all of its International Student and does not maintain affiliation with any recruiting agents or special interest groups in other countries that could lead to unfair additional recruitment fees charged to students. Synergy Flight Training looks to minimize the cost of student training in all cases.

All International Students are fully integrated with Synergy Flight Training domestic students.

The Acceptance Process

If you have any question regarding training you can contact office staff via email training@synergyaviation.ca and they can referred you to a Flight Instructor or staff member that will be able answer your questions. If you already decided that Synergy Flight Training School is right for you:

  • Fill out the international student application

  • From there, we will prompt you to pay the non-refundable $500 administrative fee through either of the following methods- credit card, Paypal or E-Transfer. The information submitted will be in support of your visa, so please make sure all information is accurate.

  • Set up an interview/video chat. (to confirm language proficiency)

After this point if successful the student will receive the letter of acceptance and if you have not already, you can now begin your visa application. If you would like to set up an appointment to meet with an instructor, please feel free to call our office at +1-780-453-2085 or email training@synergyaviation.ca. We look forward to hearing from you!


Admission Requirements

  • High school diploma, or equivalent

  • All students must be able to obtain and hold a Category 1 Aviation Medical as assessed by a Canadian Civil Aviation Medical Examiner (CAME)

  • Pass language assessment (recommend IELTS (Academic) - score of 6.0 or higher with a minimum band score of 5.5. If language score is lower, additional language courses are
    recommended prior to commencing the course.

  • Proof of English Language Proficiency required! In accordance with the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), all pilots must demonstrate an acceptable level of speaking and listening comprehension in English.*

    *Synergy Aviation has a right to postpone training if English language proficiency is considered sub-standard at our discretion.

Mandatory Medical Insurance

The Canadian government health plan and all medical services are provided to Canadians only. International Students arriving Canada to study must therefore have a private health insurance plan,
which must be in place prior to coming to Canada. We suggest purchase medical insurance from Cover Me By Manulife —this company can provide private medical insurance to international students who are attending public universities in Alberta, and they are a noted and reputable agency.


About Us

Synergy Flight Training Inc. is a division of Synergy Aviation Ltd.

We are an Alberta based Helicopter Company and flight school with an experienced team of Aviation Industry Leaders.

Our instructors have a multitude of career experience flying for STARS, the Canadian Coast Guard and the RCMP and more.

At Synergy flight training, we have the distinct advantage of offering career opportunities to many of our graduates. Although we cannot guarantee placement for all students, we are continually looking for keen, motivated and safety oriented pilots to join our team. Our goal is to try to fill all possible positions with our students first.

Synergy flight training is qualified to accept International students


offers the following programs:

Private License

Commercial License

IFR rating

Instructor Rating

Night Rating

Turbine endorsement

Mountain course

Ground School



Private Helicopter License

This license is used for recreational purposes only and allows you to share the freedom
of flight with family and friends. The private helicopter license course includes a minimum
of 45 hours of flight time and 40 hours of ground school.

150 Hour Commercial Course

This course is geared towards international students who wish to return home upon completion of the course. Some countries will require you to obtain 150 hours of training within Canada in order for you to be able to transfer your license.

Night Rating

This rating allows the pilot to fly during night time hours.

Mountain Training

Our mountain training course is aimed at the pilot that is looking to gain experience in the
challenging mountain environment. We have both introduction to mountain flying as well as
advanced mountain flying courses available.

Commercial Helicopter License

The Commercial license is used to start your professional flying career. A private license or previous experience in fixed wing is not required. This license will open the door to your career as a commercial helicopter pilot. Canadian Commercial Helicopter Training requires a minimum of 100 hours in the helicopter and 80 hours of ground school. Full time and Part-Time Training is available.

Instructor Rating

This course will start you on your career as a professional helicopter flight instructor.
Prerequisite: 250 hours PlC (Pilot in Command)

IFR Rating

This rating allows you to operate a helicopter during IFR conditions. Other than providing the initial IFR rating, our company also provides recurrent training for other commercial operators. Our IFR ready R44 along with our state of the art Simulator and outstanding training course will have you IFR ready in no time.


Our instructors have combined experience on over 20 different Helicopters.
No matter which endorsement you need, we can help!



Synergy Flight training has in house Transport Canada Pilot Examiners on staff. We are able to schedule any flight tests on short notice for the any of the licenses and ratings that we offer.


Helicopter Selection

Students taking our Commercial/Private Licence Course have the option to fly any combination of the Guimbal Cabri G2, Robinson R44 and Astar AS350 & AS355 to complete their licence. We are proud to be one of the first schools in Canada to offer training on the Guimbal Cabri G2!



We are able to organize or offer transportation services for out of town students between the airport and housing.*

*based on number of students taking transport service, subject to availability

Student Accommodation

Student housing is always a concern when coming to train with us from outside your local area. For this reason, we strive to make this easier on you!

There are options of private bedroom rentals, fully furnished suite rentals and host family alternatives, we would be happy to help find suitable accommodations.

Possible Homestay opportunities click here

Counselling Services

Walk-in counselling services provides counselling on a walk-in basis for people experiencing a range of emotional or mental health issues. It provides a short-term counselling service to help people make changes in their lives.

Sometimes people feel overwhelmed, aren't sure what to do, and need more than a friend to talk to.

Available via Alberta Health Services

Field Cockpit Winter.jpg

Training environment at Villeneuve - CZVL

Our local training area provides a excellent and varied training environment, due to our topographical surroundings and varying off airport landing sites such as oilfield well sites, gravel bars and even islands in the North Saskatchewan river. You will find mountains and flatlands at our doorstep! Our Canadian weather brings that of true four seasons giving you experience in every type of environment and varying conditions.

Villeneuve Airport is the only general aviation airport in the Capital Region with a NAV CANADA Air Traffic Control Tower, providing the student with a great environment to learn in a busy training airport while being exposed to dealing with air traffic services. The airport is located about 10 minutes northwest of St. Albert, a larger city in the capital region providing all services.

Downtown Winter_RogersPlace.jpg

About Edmonton…

Edmonton is the capital city of the province of Alberta with a population of just under 1 million.

Edmonton is located on the North Saskatchewan River and is the center of the Edmonton Capital Region. It is the farthest north of Canada's large cities and has important road, rail and air transportation links.

Edmonton is a cultural, governmental and educational centre. It hosts a year-round slate of festivals, reflected in the nickname "Canada's Festival City” and is also home to North America's largest mall, West Edmonton Mall. Edmonton is located close to the mountains and many scenic locations, it features excellent nightlife and many great restaurants as well as 2 professional sport teams. It is close to skiing, golfing and recreation of all kinds.


Hours of Operation and Class Structure

Our ground school and flight instruction runs Monday to Friday (and the occasional weekend) at our facility at the Villeneuve Airport. The office is generally manned from 0800 to 1700 mountain time; however our operational flight hours may extend beyond that as required.

A typical day will include pre-flighting the helicopters, weather interpretation, pre-flight and post-flight debriefing, refueling the helicopters, assignments, lessons and exams as needed.

Flight training involves the basic exercises of circuits at the airport, emergency exercises , navigation and confined area work in off airport locations. Your written exam is usually completed after your first 50 hours of flight time have been accomplished, and the flight test is generally scheduled when 90 to 95% of your flight hours have been completed.

Ground School

Our approach to Transport Canada’s ground school requirement is unique.

We offer a complete objective based helicopter-specific curriculum, including assignments and online based testing for objective evaluation. Our ground school is taught during regular school hours. The days will be spent in a mix of flying, attending ground school lectures and completing assignments.

Synergy Flight training uses specialized aviation software that will track student progress and allow for online student evaluation. Training will be provided on iPad software and the latest aviation programs.

Online ground school classes are available to supplement student learning.

Our ground school covers the following topics:


Canadian Aviation Regulations

Aerodynamics and Theory of Flight

Air frames, Engines and systems

Flight Instruments

Radio and Electronic Theory


Flight operations

Human factors

Airport Operations

Licensing requirements

Normal Time-lines for Pilot Training

Synergy Flight Training wants you to know that the Private Helicopter Pilot Licence, on a full-time basis, normally requires four months to complete, and the Commercial Pilot Licence requires six to seven

months. International Students will have to fly daily to complete these licences along the listed timelines. The same programs can take up to a year or more if the training pace is pursued at less than full-


While completion of the Commercial Pilot Licence requires the longest time, the Multi-engine Rating and the Instrument Rating are the shortest—the Multi-engine Rating requires only about three weeks, and the Instrument Rating is just a little longer—about four weeks.


VISA for International Students

If the duration of the course exceeds six months you will require a student visa in order to train with us. You may apply for this by contacting your nearest Canadian High Commission. The immigration process can be difficult for foreign students and may change on a regular basis. Please see the latest requirements for foreign students here.

You must meet the requirements of Canada Immigration Citizenship (IRCC) criteria.

Student Visa Application Procedure

You will require an original “letter of acceptance” from Synergy Flight training authorizing you to train at our institution; a valid passport and proof of funds for training and living expenses.

Please contact us at training@synergyaviation.ca for your application package and to request your letter of acceptance.

Health Insurance

International students are required to be enrolled in our health care program. Learn more…

Anyone with temporary immigration documents who is unsure about their eligibility for coverage should contact Alberta Health directly.