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Commercial Helicopter Licence

The commercial licence gets you started in your professional flying career. A private license or previous experience in fixed wing is not required. This license will open the door to your career as a commercial helicopter pilot. Canadian commercial helicopter training requires a minimum of 100 hours of helicopter flight training time and 80 hours of ground school.

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150 Hour Commercial Course

This course is tailored for international students needing to meet additional international licensing Requirements. The additional 50 hour requirement often include instrument flight, Navigation and night flying.

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Private Helicopter License

This licence is used for personal purposes only and allows you to share the freedom of flight with family and friends. The private helicopter license course includes a minimum of 45 hours of flight training time and 40 hours of ground school.

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International Students

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As a pilot, you are required to have a valid Aviation Medical.  Commercial Pilots require a class 1 Medical.  Private Pilots require a class 3 Medical.                                                                                   

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