Already a Pilot? Want additional training?

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Certified Mountain Training

Our certified mountain training course is aimed at the pilot looking to gain experience in the challenging mountain environment. We have both introduction to mountain flying as well as advanced certified mountain flying courses available.


Instrument (IFR) Rating

This rating allows for the operation of a helicopter during instrument flight conditions. Our IFR equipped R44 and Guimbal helicopters, combined with our GPS equipped simulator, IFR experienced instructors and multi-crew standard operating procedures will have you IFR ready in no time.


Night Rating

This rating is often required for law enforcement and helicopter emergency medical operations.  Requires a minimum of 10 hours of flight  training.


Instructor Rating

This course will start you on your career as a professional helicopter flight instructor and/or support safe and efficient recurrent training activities. In addition to the requirements a commercial pilot’s license This course has a prerequisite of 250 hours of pilot in command flight time.


Helicopter Endorsements

Our instructors have training experience on over 20 different helicopter types. Whether you need an endorsement or recurrent training, we can help.